A New Way to See Retirement Income

Give retirees the freedom to spend, not the fear of failure. Nobody knows exactly how long retirement will last or how much our investments will grow or fall over time. IncomePath is designed around the philosophy that uncertainty means that spending must be flexible. We can design a flexible retirement spending plan that matches your lifestyle goals.

Understanding Income Path

IncomePath helps clarify important retirement income decisions about spending, investment risk, and lifetime income. No one can predict exactly how long retirement will last or how markets will perform in the future. 

IncomePath starts with a step-by-step guide that helps people envision possible lifestyles through a conversation about income goals and the impact of spending, investment, and financial product choices. “My IncomePath” visually brings these concepts to life in an intuitive and simple format.

Financial professionals can develop a retirement income plan that allows clients easily direct their own plan with the right amount of lifetime income and investment risk. IncomePath will be available to financial professionals by subscription in the first half of 2024.

Custom Implementation

IncomePath fits different applications and product types, including investment-only and blended investment and annuity strategies. Explore a custom solution to make sure that the modeling assumptions and underlying methodology match your firm’s approach. These may include

Capital market assumptions
The addition of account balance visualizations
Annuity design
Treatment of the annuity within the asset allocation
Guardrail strategies
Other flexibility assumptions

The simplified inputs and outputs make it easy to offer IncomePath, whether you want to integrate it into your current suite of tools, or use it on its own.

We can work with your team to customize our product to meet your objectives and priorities.

The Ideas Behind

Beneath the simplicity of the guide and visualizations is the IncomePath methodology, the engine that allows the creation of an intuitive set of dynamic illustrations, helping people understand key concepts for retirement planning. You can learn more about our methodology in a white paper, “Freedom to Spend: Building a Better Retirement Income Plan Using Income Paths and Flexible Spending.”

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4.1 Million
Americans retiring each year through 2027, according to the Alliance for Lifetime Income

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If you want your team to try the IncomePath process on its own, our team can create a pilot or a training and coaching tool. We’ll also provide resources and training, with the option for co-branding and firm-wide licensing.

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What People Are Saying…

"Practitioners are looking for a better way to showcase to clients the strengths of annuities and not just using them as a way to keep from running out of money. A solution like IncomePath is long overdue"


Income planning & retirement specialist

"As someone who has been actively working on a retirement income plan, IncomePath is a great way to help other people answer the same questions my wife and I have been asking ourselves. I can see why financial advisors would want to walk their clients through a simple illustration like this."


A 57 year-old, planning for retirement

IncomePath’s key strength is its unique ability to simplify income planning conversations with clients. As advisors, we all know how valuable it is to provide clarity. IncomePath helps clients easily visualize how the right balance of investment risk and guaranteed income can help them reach their retirement goals.


Retirement advisor

Retirement math is not easy, but psychology is even harder. IncomePath addresses that in a way that's understandable for people who don't have a Ph.D. in actuarial science.


Retirement Quant